Garden of Ghost Flowers - The Embodiment Archive at CPH:DOX

Garden of Ghost Flowers - The Embodiment Archive at CPH:DOX
A virtual ecosystem created by the participants

From March 13 to 24, The Embodied Archive of Garden of Ghost Flowers will be exhibited at CPH:DOX, Denmark's largest documentary film festival. This archive was built over numerous sessions together with hundreds of active participants, who used their voices and movements to collaboratively create virtual life. At CPH:DOX, you will be able to revisit these ghosts of past performances, exploring the unique flora of each individual group.

Garden of Ghost Flowers is an art and research project, exploring new models of interaction between tech, humans, and the more-than-human qualities that arise through the intermingling of the former two. The project manifests itself through a series of interactive performances, where the participants together, as a group, nourish and grow a virtual lifeform, a Ghost Flower, through the use of their voices and movement in space. Together, the hum of each group forms the substrate of a virtual ecosystem, breathing life into its cycle of birth and death.

The project draws on sociologist Hartmut Rosa’s concept of Resonance, a mode of interacting with the world that is neither based on control nor receptivity. It is inspired by the plant Monotropa Uniflora, commonly known as the Ghost Flower. This trickster-like flower abandoned photosynthesis to feed on the energy of the fungal networks under the forest floor.

At CPH:DOX we will display The Embodiment Archive, a new iteration of the work which takes you into the memory of a ghost flower created by participants of past performances. This archive lets you experience recordings of past performances with a much higher level of visual detail than what has been previously possible, letting you immerse yourself in the virtual ecosystems hummed into being by human voices no longer present.

Garden of Ghost Flowers is a collaboration between Untold Garden and co-artists Lundahl & Seitl. Read more about the project at

See you in Copenhagen,

Untold Garden 🌱

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